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Identify the perfect moment to change an existing customers' vehicle.

  • Equity Manager calculates the settlement figure for all of your customers finance agreements

  • It identifies and scores those most likely to be in a position to change for a ‘like for like’ finance product

  • Suggests suitable replacement vehicles from New and Used inventory

We offer a 90 day risk free pilot programme where we commit to delivering immediate results and profits for your dealership.

Equity Manager Benefits

Equity Manager provides pre-qualified opportunities to your sales team directly from your existing customer database

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  • Equity Manager caters for every new vehicle franchise with the complete range of available vehicles pre-configured for your dealership.

    New Stock Integration

  • Equity Manager will import used vehicle inventory directly from your online stock provider.

    Used Vehicle Integration

  • Apply contributions from the OEM across an entire model range or custom categories.

    OEM Contributions Included

  • Customise each deal with a bespoke finance offer or utilise a standard rate across the entire portfolio.

    Finance Incentives

  • 60%
    conversion to appointment visits to the showroom
  • 75%
    conversion of these appointment visits to sales
  • 82%
    converted sales at full margin
  • 20%
    increase in customer retention rates
Equity Manager is proud to work with some of the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers.
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