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Find the moment your customers are ready for a new car

The Equity Manager Dealer Solution makes the process of researching, pricing and selling to your existing customer base as easy as reacting to a new inbound enquiry.

Our unique scoring algorithm proactively identifies those ‘Hot Prospects’ who have a higher propensity to change today.

Every deal stacked takes into consideration OEM Contributions and Finance Incentives to ensure that you’re presenting the most attractive offer at the right time.

Not only does it deliver from your Sales database but through our unique integration with your service booking calendar, Equity Manager creates qualified opportunities from your workshop too.

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How It Works

  • Equity Manager Monitors the Settlement Figure for all of your Customers Finance Agreements

    The system knows precisely how much finance is outstanding on any finance deal (HP / PCP / PCH) at any given month.

  • It Identifies your Customers who are in ‘Positive Equity’

    Vehicles that have a market value equal to or greater than the finance amount outstanding are automatically identified.

  • Suggests Suitable Replacement Vehicles From your New and Used Inventory

    Equity Manager automatically scans your new and used car inventory for a suitable replacement, calculating a bespoke finance offer before putting the suggested deal in the hands of your sales team.

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