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Maximise every opportunity to retain and renew an existing customer

Equity Manager ensures that the OEM network maximises every opportunity to retain and renew an existing customer.

The OEM finance book is managed to the point that the ‘Perfect Moment’ to change is never missed and the dealers retention strategy becomes a key contributor to new car sales.

Active OEM Contributions and Finance Incentives are automatically leveraged to ensure that every opportunity is explored with the best possible outcome for both the dealer and the customer in mind.

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How It Works

  • Equity Manager Monitors the Settlement Figure for all of your Customers Finance Agreements

    The system knows precisely how much finance is outstanding on any finance deal (HP / PCP / PCH) at any given month.

  • It Identifies your Customers who are in ‘Positive Equity’

    Vehicles that have a market value equal to or greater than the finance amount outstanding are automatically identified.

  • Suggests Suitable Replacement Vehicles From your New and Used Inventory

    Equity Manager automatically scans your new and used car inventory for a suitable replacement, calculating a bespoke finance offer before putting the suggested deal in the hands of your sales team.

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